[OT] Mac OSX Tiger Spotlight function - help

Jim Ault JimAultWins at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 8 22:54:35 EST 2005

Thanks, Sarah,

I guess the different presentation with the Spotlight interface got me
headed in the wrong direction.  I looked at the help, etc, and even the
"View:Show View Options" in the group view [which has only 2 choices]
without "getting it"

Now I can focus on cross-updating files on 4 hard drives tonight :-)
Thanks, again.


On 11/8/05 5:58 PM, "Sarah Reichelt" <sarah.reichelt at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 11/9/05, Jim Ault <JimAultWins at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hopefully someone on the list has solved/developed a workaround for this, or
>> perhaps I am missing something in all the docs and preferences.
>> I am trying to locate, catalog, and update many versions of an SWF that I
>> post to a multitude of web sites.  Before Tiger, I simply did a Finder FIND
>> and retrieved a listing on all the hard drives, then sorted by modification
>> date.
>> The new Spotlight only seems to use the 'date last opened' for locating and
>> sorting, which is useless for me.  Even the date created would work in this
>> case, but alas, no,  Spotlight does not have this.
>> Creating a Smart Folder allows a search on mod and creation date critera,
>> but does not list those nor allow sorting.
>> Is there a way to do this?  Why would Apple not make it possible to search
>> on one of the criteria in the Finder database? then get a listing that
>> included that criteria?  then allow sorting on one of the criterion?
> Hi Jim,
> By default, a Smart Folder gives you the items listed in their
> categories. But if you click the list button at the top left of the
> window (where you normally toggle between column, icon & list views)
> you can set it to use the standard list view. Then go to Show View
> Options from the View menu and you can choose to show Date created and
> sort on that.
> HTH,
> Sarah
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