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> Dear People,
> I run Linux Redhat version of Revolution Studio
> version 2.6.1.  When I try to build a stack and
> cards, the first card is to ask for info from the
> user.  This works if I save the stack, exit the
> stack and reload the stack into Revolution and press
> the Run mode button.  However, I cannot get the damn
> thing to run from the beginning and ask the user for
> the required info, simply by switching from Edit
> mode to Run mode.  Am I missing a vital step, or the
> switch from Edit mode to Run mode not working
> properly? 
> Regards
> JohnT

Hi John,

Revolution is a different animal from the traditional
development tools with a build/compile/test cycle: in
Rev, you are at the same time 'running' nd 'editing'
your application.

Thi means that when you go to 'run' mode, your stack
will not automatically close everything, go to the
first card and work from there, but will stay on the
same card in the stack that you've been editing.

If you're working in a single stack, just enter 'run'
mode, open the message box, and type:
  go first

This will tell Revolution to go to the first card of
your stack, which is where you want to go when testing
your application :-)

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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