ANN: Constellation 1.0.3 and Gadget Suite Update

Jerry Daniels jerry at
Sun Nov 6 18:27:09 CST 2005

Colleagues and Friends...

The 1.0.3 version of Constellation has just been released and can be  
downloaded by existing users via the "check for updates" link in the  
Doc & Info window (about box). New versions of the other Gadgets from  
D&M have also been uploaded and can be downloaded in the same manner  
indicated above. (Release info below.)

NOTE: some day soon, Inspection Gadget, Object Gadget, Transcript  
Gadget and Time Gadget will be released at full retail price. It  
might be a good time to take advantage of special Gadget Suite  
pricing. (See web site below for details.)

For those who want to find out more about Constellation and the  
Gadget Suite feel free to visit this URL:

For those who would like a preview of how Constellation works, there  
are QuickTime™ movie tutorials available through a link on the D&M  
Constellation web page. Look for "QuickTime Tutorials for  
Constellation" at mid-page and click it. Or click below to go  
directly to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Constellation":

Re-cap of Release Info

Gadget Bar 1.74 pre-release
- accomodates Gadgets that have preferences to load or show at startup
- minor cosmetic fixes on docs & info window
- cleaner copying of icons from gadgets to Gadget Bar at startup

Constellation 1.0.3 release
- can use cmd-w to close Constellation even if Object Gadget is attached
- single node handler mode now works more efficiently
- size and position props of a card now strictly read-only
- Rev menu "Object > Stack Inspector" now opens Constellation if it  
is in use
- deleting custom prop set fixed
- Report button in the Error Dialog creates email with error &  
environment info
- information in Error Dialog now complete

Inspection Gadget 2.91 pre-release
- has preference for loading at startup
- minor cosmetic changes to Docs & Info window

Object Gadget 1.60 pre-release
- now sports an optional platinum color scheme
- editing an object via double click much faster
- edit script added to all object in-context menus

Time Gadget 2.50 pre-release
  - no changes

Transcript Gadget 2.21 pre-release
- now has option for loading at startup
- improved hyperlinking to handlers & definitions
- minor cosmetic fixes on docs & info window
- if dictionary is not loaded, requests to define terms are passed to  


I'd like to give special thanks to the testers--Éric Miclo, Trevor  
DeVore, Alex Tweedly, and Sarah Reichelt for their testing activities  
as well as the users of the products who keep coming up with cool  
ideas and observations.


Jerry Daniels
Daniels & mara

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