[Slightly OT?] Why It's Hard to Explain Rev

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>Judy Perry wrote:
>  > And, when I recently mentioned it to Chris Crawford of 'The Art of
>>  Computer Game Design,' he said that he only wished that he'd heard of Rev
>>  before wading neck-deep into Java.
>You know the great Chris Crawford?!  He's a god. Loved Siboot -- nothing
>like it at the time.
>He spoke at a game developer gathering here in LA many years ago -- yep,
>he brought his legendary whip to punctuate key points in his talk. :)
>Great guy.  He's done so much for the gaming community (not to mention
>the Mac community), but in this era of 3D fetishism it doesn't seem his
>contributions are as widely acknowleded as deserved.
>Tell him it's never too late to start with Rev -- next time I'm up his
>way I'd even donate a day of "Rev as a second language" orientation just
>for the chance to talk with him a spell.

Richard and Judy,

I suspect this is the same Chris Crawford that was a physics major at 
UC Davis many years back. I never had him as a student but he was 
legendary among his classmates. Always had a stuffed animal under his 
arm--a green frog, as I recall. Very bright, very eccentric.


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