checking removable drives

Martin Baxter mb.ur at
Fri Nov 4 03:32:13 EST 2005

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Chipp Walters wrote:
>> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> And if we do ignore that for portable apps, assuming we'd like to 
>>> ship a single app for both portable and installed use, how can we 
>>> know we're running installed so that we could write the file 
>>> association entry to the registry as customers would expect for a 
>>> hard-drive-installed app?
> We can hope so, but most of my apps support documents and my customers 
> would kill me if I removed that option.
> Alternatively, I could safely provide that for 95% of my customers by 
> writing the reg entry only when the boot volume is the same as the 
> volume the app is running on.

Perhaps it might be workable to make it a user preference whether your 
app makes registry entries for its file extensions or not. User-mindset 
would be an issue to be considered, but this is by no means unheard-of, 
and I think this is what I would personally prefer from an app that 
could be run in portable or installed modes.

Martin Baxter

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