Strange field wraps with tabs

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Nov 3 12:41:30 EST 2005

SimPLsol at wrote:
> Xavier,
> Thank you, again, for the suggestion that tabs might be causing the strange 
> display problems in large fields. I changed the delimiter from tab to "|" and 
> the display problems disappeared.
> The original reason for the tabs was to make the data more transportable - 
> especially to spreadsheets. But it is easy to convert it:
> replace "|" with tab in field "Datafield"
> Or, if one wants to see the data more easily, use " | " - with a space before 
> and after the bar, then
> replace " | " with tab in field "Datafield"

Just make sure you never do business with C|Net, as their trademark will 
  break your data parsing.

In my tests here I found odd rendering even without tabs -- see this post:

On the bright side, there's rarely a need to display that many columns 
to a user in most layouts.  In DB apps it's common to display a useful 
subset of fields in a list for the user to pick from, and then edit 
fields in a detail view showing all fields.

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