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Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Nov 2 15:46:22 EST 2005

Hi Alex,

> Klaus Major wrote:
>>> And, sigh, Undo still does not in most of the time in the newest   
>>> version.
>> What exatcly cannot be "undone"? Works here of course ;-)
> I find most things can't be undone in the script editor.
> 1. Start a new mainstack, put in a button and edit its script
> add a line, so it looks like
> ...
>  the "end mouseUp" line.
> type "dd" - then Undo (yeah - that worked too)
> Undo again (to re-insert those two characters), go to end of line  
> and type 'ss"
> [ line now says   end mouseddUpss    ]
> Hit Undo - it removes the "ss" *and* the Up before it.
> 7, 8, 9, 10, .... try just about anything.
> Undo either does nothing, or gets it wrong, for almost anything  
> other than simple text insertion (and in fact #6 showed that even  
> that isn't 100% safe).
> Alex Tweedly

thanks a lot for this long explanation!

Looks like a good idea that i am still using the MC IDE and its  
script editor ;-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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