popup of menu (functionality not correct implemented...)

Ton Kuypers tkuypers at pandora.be
Tue Nov 1 12:15:37 EST 2005


Unless I misunderstood what you ment, it doesn't work...

I have a button on the card of type "pop up" named "TestMenu"
This button has got 10 lines of text, which creates a menu of 10 items.
I have one field on the card named "Test"

The button contains the following code:
     on mouseDown
       select line fGetMenuItem(fld "TestField") of me
     end mouseDown

     ON menupick vChoice
       put vChoice into fld "TestField"
       set the menuHistory of me to fGetMenuItem(fld "TestField")
     END menupick

     FUNCTION fGetMenuItem vMenuItemName
       put the text of button "TestMenu" into vMenuText
       put lineOffset(vMenuItemName,vMenuText) into vMenuItem
       return vMenuItem
     END fGetMenuItem

and the result: The menu just pops up with item 1 underneath the  
cursor :-(

Any more suggestions?


On 1-nov-05, at 18:03, David Burgun wrote:
Have you tried:

select line GetMeniItem("theMenuString") of me

This may work.
All the Best

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