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I think that this could be very fun!!! As for prize, I've got one copy 
of "Revolution: Software on the speed of thought by Dan Shaffer" left, 
I would gladly give this backup copy (owning more then one copy of a 
given book is smart sometimes) as prize for a competition, also I offer 
space to host a webpage on the competition and stuff like that on my 

I think a coding competition might go like this:

* Have two categories: Newbie and Advanced.
* We should pose a problem to each categorie and collect the 
competitor's stacks.
* The voting might be done by a board plus popular voting on the 
website (like popular vote = 10% of the final grade)

one nice chalenge is gaming, like making a program to play tic tac toe 
using text files, one program receives a text file with the board at a 
given time and must output his moves. This way you can use unix pipes 
or plain files to match one stack agains the other. This is a nice 
coding competition. Tic Tac Toe is not the best option since it's very 
easy to code a solution that will always Tie but I think that something 
along this lines might be fun.

I know  that Dar Scott looks into ICFP coding compos, those 
competitions are a nice and should provide inspiration for us to create 
a coding compo. Maybe we could create a map, like a labirynth put some 
jewels in it and people should make routines to crawl the maze and 
collect the stones, the best one wins (that is trickier). The Doctor 
Eccos monthly article on the Doctor Dobbs magazine also give many 
puzzles that one might solve coding.

Of course this is about coding and we know that there's more to Rev 
then just coding. Another take could be mini apps, like create a stack 
that would pick a arbitrary number of JPEGs inside a folder and build a 
webalbumn, judges and people would grade the apps according to criteria 
based on easy to use, features, coding and the like.

No matter the solution we choose, I think that all the entries should 
be released in Creative Commons license and that each participant 
should write a post-mortem about his entry, this could become a usefull 
resource of code snipets and insights.

I would be happy to help in making this competition real (but this way 
I won't be able to join it damn it!)

... and the most important thing? what is the name of the competition? 
RevCompo? The Edimburg Challenge? RevCodeMayhem?


On May 30, 2005, at 5:47 PM, Bjšrnke von Gierke wrote:

> Hey Revoluters
> The last event on Chatrev was a big success, and Malte suggested a 
> coding challenge to increase the visibility of Chatrev even further.
> So my question would be what coding challenge would you do? Does it 
> need a prize? Any thoughts?
> greetings
> Bjoernke
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