is there a best anti-viral program for Revolution?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 25 19:56:49 EDT 2005

Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Richard, look at this bug:
> <>
> "I could open any stack by dragging and droping
> over an executable file.
> Verified with many standalones build with
> RR and MC.
> Some standalones even let me copy a jpg file in the
> hard disk and open it in windows explorer."

What does that mean?  By what user actions?

> Please try to reproduce this bug by yourself, 
> but this time, instead of trying to copy a 
> jpg file to the hard disk, try to copy an *.exe 
> and run it. If my memory does not fail, this
> was possible using a preOpenstack handler...

While this is an interesting issue, I couldn't find where in that bug 
report it mentions saving files to disk while secureMode is turned on.

What did I overlook?

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