use-revolution Digest, Vol 20, Issue 114

Mark Smith mark at
Fri May 27 20:14:53 EDT 2005

Oh COME ON! guess IS that you ARE working for SYNOPSIS...and you 
are adopting this ABSURD style of CAPITALISING words in order to appear 
NAIVE...while what you're REALLY HOPING to do is to lure ANY newbie 
windows REV PROGRAMMERS who may BE struggling (yes, there is a LEARNING 
CURVE) to GIVE UP and buy Synopsis.

You have TOLD US that you don't want to write ANY CODE at all, in WHICH 
case Rev is CLEARLY not the tool for YOU, and it's ODD that you would 
keep COMING BACK and going ON about Synopsis.

IF the above is TRUE, then good luck to you and YOUR company, but 
pulling LAME and anti-social MARKETING stunts just makes you look 

Perhaps you could give US an EXAMPLE of the kind of things you want to 
ACHIEVE through programming, and the GOOD PEOPLE on this list will be 
EVER SO HELPFUL in advising you, but if YOU just WANT a pre-made CLOCK, 
then your way FORWARD is clear.


MARK Smith :)

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