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Whenever my kids ask me "are we there yet?" or "how long until we get
there?" or some such thing on a long driving trip, I respond by
increasing the amount of time on each answer. On a 10-hour drive, by the
time we are only an hour away from our destination, I might be telling

"Well, it looks like we have maybe 12 or 14 hours to go. Well, maybe
more like 18 hours, but if we don't hit too much traffic it might be

This seems to drive them nuts for some reason, but is quite effective at
preventing an endless line of "are we there yet?" questions:)

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>>  Thanks for this Jacque.  BTW, what's the equivalent command for what
Rev is
>>  doing in this case?
>I don't think there is one. It is strictly a hands-on experience. :)
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This reminds me of my father's less sophisticated equivalent to "It 
is strictly a hands-on experience."

I recall as a child belaboring my father with an unending stream of 
questions. When finally pushed to the limits of his education or 
inventiveness he always responded in the same way: "Some sort of damn 
condition" he would say. In time I came to accept the "damn 
condition"  as the end of that particular line of questioning.  :)

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