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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 25 05:06:28 CDT 2005

Derek Bump wrote:
> Since the MetaCard IDE is open source, does that mean that one could 
> create their own open source version of the MetaCard IDE?  Or does that 
> violate the terms of the license, as far as creating competition for 
> Revolution?

Anything that encourages people to buy engines from RunRev would seem 
less like competition and more like a supplimental sales force. :)

An IDE is effectively just one massive plugin, with multiple tools 
collected into an integrated structure.  Like any other stack file it 
still requires the Rev engine to run, and the engine is governed by its 
own terms from RunRev.

So as far as the MC IDE stack file is concerned, yes, the X11 license 
was chosen specifically so that RunRev or anyone else can fork it or 
portions of it freely if they choose, even for use in commercial works, 
provided such use doesn't conflict with any terms from RunRev Ltd. This 
is described in the MC IDE's License window.

The only requirement for use of the MC IDE is that the copyright notice 
and permissions must remain intact, as is customary with the X11 license 
-- please see Help->Licensing in the MC IDE for details.

Also, it's my (admittedly limited) understanding that anything that
builds standalones may be affected by the RunRev license agreement.
While the MC IDE is grandfathered by mutual agreement between MetaCard
Corp and RunRev Ltd, if you're interested in forking the IDE it may be
useful to get clarification of terms from Kevin if you'll be including
MC's Standalone Builder.  I'm just a volunteer code monkey for the MC 
IDE project so I can offer no advisement on Rev's licensing.

Since the MC IDE now includes portions contributed by many others it
would be helpful and friendly to make additions you might add available
for consideration of being included into the primary build.  While not a
requirement (we avoided the GPL for that reason) my personal feeling is
that it's just good manners and encourages greater sharing and freedom 
for the benefit of all Transcript fans.

A separate list is maintained for discussion of the MC IDE -- feel free 
to join in: 

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Media Corporation
  Ambassador at

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