textFont wierdness

Brad Borch brad at activadesign.com
Mon May 23 14:54:14 EDT 2005

Thanks to Jacqueline Landman Gay,

I'm impressed with RR tech support. I almost fell over after reading a 
criticism about RR's documentation on versiontracker. If you've ever 
used Director, you know what a nightmare that documentation is. RR's 
documentation is a dream by comparison. But I digress

>>/ 1) Every time I open RR, the labels and fields in the property inspector 
>/>/ (revPropertyPalette 1 stack) are in a non-English typeface. I have to 
>/>/ type in 'set the textFont of stack "revPropertyPalette 1" to "Lucida 
>/>/ Grande"' and execute from the message box every time I start up. I've 
>/>/ reinstalled RR from the .dmg file several times.
>For others: Brad and I are working on this in the tech support queue, 
>and I have passed on the remarks from this list that implicate an OS 9 
>font, but if any of you have any other ideas, please let us know.
There were three fonts, interestingly all dingbat fonts, that were 
causing the trouble: DavysDings2, DavysDings3, and Dingies. As a test I 
rebuilt Dingies with a different FOND and it worked ok.

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