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Hershel Fisch hershrev at
Sun May 22 16:51:41 EDT 2005

>> In my opinion to English'ish is very error prone, because every body has his
>> way of talking. True, transcript is English but English has many versions.
>> Besides the fact that RR is already a very big language. Therefore I think
>> the best way is a bit scheme or some kind of formality and not, e.g. If
>> there is a or so on. Also in your case 70 percent of RR has has to be
>> changed and 10 percent omitted (which I would prefer)
>> IsNumber change to "number" and number change to amount or count
>> selectedLine, hilitedLine.
>> Now in a case like this I'd rather suggest to add a function "thereIs" or
>> something alike, instead of looping to equate.
>> Hershel Fisch
> Hershel, the construct "there is a" is already in the language. It's
> used to check for existence of something (object in a stack, file,
> directory). Xavier just suggested new options: to check whether a
> volume (it should be volume or partition not drive) is mounted
> (volume in question could be local, remote, or virtual) or whether a
> control is inside a specific group. The current syntax allows
> checking only whether a control exists.
Yes, thanks for making me aware of it, my problem, I used looping instead
(hopefully no more).
That again proves my point that the language is a bit big and should not get
bigger. Instead I'd suggest to do some changes instead of adding operators,
to be able to combine operators, "there is a" is actual 1 operator, instead
"there" a keyword "is" and "not" are already implemented should be able to
work together. That will enable to write 'if "abc" contains not "d"' instead
of writing  'if "abc" contains "d" is false', if "whatever" exist not',
using the same concept across the board. What I would work on this moment is
to be able to use the language asis (maybe a bit reduced) to be able mix and
mach the existing keywords operators and so on.
If I'll be busy learning languages all the time I might become a programmer,
well I'm in the money making business, if it doesn't go in programming I'll
sell homes if it wouldn't go with homes I'll sell big buildings. The bottom
line is to make a living and support my family.
Thanks, no offence to anybody just expressing my self.
Hershel Fisch

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