Printing Field Borders

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon May 16 16:44:58 EDT 2005


I have found by setting the *field* margins (not the printmargin) to a 
*higher number* fixes most all text truncation issues. Please try it.


J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 5/12/05 2:19 AM, Timothy Due wrote:
>> Anyway, one problem I have been having is getting field borders to 
>> print properly. I have read in these archives that when field borders 
>> are butted-up together that can cause problems, but I am even having 
>> problems in cases where the fields are not touching or near any other 
>> object. I have tried on 2 differrent systems (Win XP and 98) using 2 
>> different printers, with inconsistent and unexpected results. 
>> Commonly, the left and top border does not print.
>> Is this a bug in Rev? If so, is there any plan to have it fixed? 
>> Alternatively, is there a viable workaround?
> It sounds like the printmargins are set so that they are cutting off too 
> much of the top and left sides of the page. If it is only the fields at 
> the top left of the page that do this, then the margins are probably the 
> problem. Try setting a smaller printmargin (or setting it to 0, as a 
> test) or else move your fields slightly closer to toward the center of 
> the card and see what happens.
> If a field in the dead center of the card prints without part of its 
> border, then there is something else wrong. Let us know if that happens 
> and we'll brainstorm.

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