Collecting Sound Files in a stack

Mark Smith mark at
Fri May 13 07:42:19 EDT 2005

I've been having problems sending a largish batch of sound files (500 
mb or so, in sd2 format) to an ftp site for a colleague to download - 
various experiments with creating stuffit archives have resulted in 
corruption of data....

So I thought of building a Rev standalone that contains all the files 
as customProps, and which will spit them out as sound files at the 
other end.

My initial experiment involved reading in the files (using the binfile 
URL scheme), and then spitting them back out again (also using the 
binfile URL scheme). The resulting files are the correct size, but OS X 
now thinks they are text files (they are supposed to be sd2 files). 
Adding the .sd2 suffix to the file names gets them recognised as sound 
files, but the quicktime player (which plays the originals without 
difficulty) simply barfs on them.

I've tried compressing them on the way in and decompressing them on the 
way out, but apart from reducing the size, this does not help.

Any ideas?



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