Problems with Importing multiple images

docmann docmann at
Thu May 12 23:59:01 EDT 2005

On 5/11/05, Kathy Jaqua <kgjaqua1 at> wrote:

> Call me silly... but, does this mean I should only
> have single card substacks with 20 images each? I can
> do this but I am dealing with about 250 + Imported
> Images to get different looks and animation effects.
> (Of course I world like to have 500 Imported Images
> but being an old softy I don't want to push my luck;)

Hello Kathy,
Just an FYI... With the tests I was running over the weekend, by using
a separate stack as a container, I was successful in importing (and
using) some 4300+ images (21mb)

A second attempt with considerably larger image files allowed me to
import 36Mb+ before I ran this old laptop out of RAM. Silly me! ;)

The only "features" of the test stacks, were an edit field, button and
blank image, allowing me to search for and then display an image by


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