Table Field Docs?

Peter Reid preid at
Tue May 10 16:12:48 EDT 2005

Hi All

Thanks for all the responses to this.

Looking at Chris' stuff below it seems clear that the table field is 
very much a "project in progress"!

I think I'll keep well away from it for now as it looks far too flaky 
for reliable use. Once RunRev have a fully worked out table object, 
then I'll jump back in again as it's something I'd really like to 
take advantage of - but it's got to be solid and require no more than 
a reasonable amount of coding support as well.

Cheers for now (watching this space...)


>at this address below is a collection of notes I put together on doing
>tables. it is not exhaustive but will get you going.
>    go stack url ""
>i think the key thing is knowing when you must use the rev functions (hidden
>in the frontscript) to access the table versus accessing the field directly
>i wrote this a few years ago and apologize for the lazy scripting conventions
>BTW the other way to do tables is to use the AltBrowser (see
>and do it in good ol' HTML !
>In a message dated 5/10/05 2:46:58 AM,
>use-revolution-request at writes:
>>>Is there anyone on the list (or better still from RunRev) who can provide
>more comprehensive documentation for table fields

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