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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 5 11:34:28 EDT 2005

Marielle Lange wrote:
> I am glad you followed up on this. I did not want to push too much in my
> previous email, to avoid to appear rude to the english speakers of the list.

One of the most greatest realizations I had at the Euro RevCon was how 
accommodating non-English speakers often are of those of us who speak 
only one language (or in my case two if Boontling counts <g>).

Only about half of the attendees at ERC were native English speakers, 
yet no one had any trouble using English as the lingua franca. 
Considering I'm among the majority of Americans who speak only one 
language I was grateful, if not humbled.

So while I don't know if there's a language mandate for this list, 
personally I don't mind posts in any language.  Given the ratio of 
English to non-English speakers on this list it shouldn't be surprising 
if there are fewer responses to non-English posts, but I would feel very 
uncomfortable about banning them.  I can use Google when I need to, and 
it probably wouldn't hurt me to be more familiar with other languages.

If the folks who speak the half-dozen languages who were present at ERC 
can put up with a weekend of English, it would seem the least we can do 
is be equally accomodating.

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