Frozen Accidents

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu May 5 03:26:57 EDT 2005

I'd rather use an Asimov pad than a Newton bw (backwoods as in obsolete)

Why did they never port the newton os to other palm devices i wonder... 
Look at how long it took Moft to make the pocket pc os... 

Didn't Steve Jobs or his team of voodoo technology designers ever watch

If only my rev dream could talk... I've only managed that in HyperCard so

Anyone know a speech recognition external or how to link speech recog in
windows with RunRev ? It would be nice if you could write to the rev console
arg[] without launching another instance of rev. 


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> Hmmmm....  Maybe we could get Apple to make one, and maybe 
> name it for a famous scientist, like Isaac whats-his-name??
> (Not, not Asimov  ;-)
> Cheers,
> Kat
> Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> > There is software that does writing with 'Gestures'. If you 
> move the 
> > mouse/trackball in different movements it will 'write' text 
> for you. I 
> > can't remember the name right now though.
> >
> > I would absolutely love a tablet Mac OSX with touch screen. I have 
> > used pen input and speech input/recognition for a while and 
> they are 
> > ok but I don't use them much. I do use a pen for drawing 
> and sketching 
> > though.
> >
> > TOm
> [snipped]
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