Frozen Accidents

Katherine Cochrane katherine at
Thu May 5 02:21:22 EDT 2005

Hmmmm....  Maybe we could get Apple to make one, and maybe name it for a 
famous scientist, like Isaac whats-his-name??

(Not, not Asimov  ;-)


Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> There is software that does writing with 'Gestures'. If you move the 
> mouse/trackball in different movements it will 'write' text for you. I 
> can't remember the name right now though.
> I would absolutely love a tablet Mac OSX with touch screen. I have 
> used pen input and speech input/recognition for a while and they are 
> ok but I don't use them much. I do use a pen for drawing and sketching 
> though.
> TOm


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