Linux/Unix folder paths

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Thu May 5 00:01:05 EDT 2005

At 9:15 AM +1000 5/5/05, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>Where so you store preferences? I see that the specialFolderPath() 
>function is Windows & Mac only, so how would I know where to store 
>preferences on a Linux system?

I'm no guru, but in general, one puts preference files in the user's 
home directory ("~"). Traditionally, configuration files ought to 
have names that start with a period, such as ".myapplicationrc".

>Where should an application be installed? And what if I want the 
>application to be available to a particular user only e.g. on my Mac 
>OS X system, I have /Applications for apps that everyone can use and 
>/Users/sarah/Applications for apps that only I can use. The second 
>is better if I need to write to the application folder as the user 
>has write access to that folder even if not an admin user (at least 
>I think that is correct).

If there's a "bin" (for "binary") directory in the user's home 
directory, you can put it there. Otherwise I'd put it directly in the 
homedir, probably.
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