Error saving standalone -- revisited yet again

Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at
Wed May 4 09:31:27 EDT 2005

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I'm not using MetaCard (I don't have a license for that, and have never 
even tried it), and I never did anything to add a nonempty resource 
fork to my stack (technically, all files on an HFS filesystem have a 
resource fork, but they are typically empty).

ls -l <stack-file.rev>/rsrc shows a resource fork with a zero length, 
so that cannot be it.

On May 4, 2005, at 2:58 AM, Signe Marie Sanne wrote:

> Frank D. Engel, Jr. skrev:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Okay, I'm getting the infamous "There was an error while saving the 
>> standalone application" message for just one specific stack.
>> * I checked to ensure that the stack had a .rev extension, it does.
>> * I tried saving to a new empty folder on my desktop.  Nope.
>> * I tried saving to my home directory.  Still not working.
>> * I tried other stacks, they worked fine.
>> * I ran repair disk permissions and tried again, still no good.
>> * I tried saving to a new empty folder at the root level of my hard 
>> drive.  Same problem.
>> Mac OS X 10.3.9
>> Any clues?
> I had the same problem earlier on when I had opened a MetaCard stack 
> with resources (answer/ask stacks etc)included. I had to go back to 
> MetaCard, remove the resources before being able to save the stack as 
> a rev stack.
> Could this be the cause?
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