Re: Saving data in a stack ­STANDALONE

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Mon May 2 23:23:53 EDT 2005

> As a complete beginner with Revolution I’ve found it very hard to get 
> a grip
> on this. It’s a big stumbling block for those used to Hypercard, where 
> the
> IDE was taken for granted, and the concept of a standalone was 
> unfamiliar.
> But the ability to deliver standalones cross-platform is a major 
> attraction
> of Revolution – so it’s disappointing that such a key feature as how 
> to save
> user changes to a stack is hard to grasp.
> I can understand that a standalone is an application, and as such 
> shouldn’t
> modify itself – i.e. the user can’t save any changes within the 
> application
If you check the box in the Stacks section of Standalone settings that 
says "Move substacks into individual stackfiles" then you will be able 
to save all but the mainStack.

This is why people often make the mainStack a splash screen that does 
nothing except open one of the save-able sub stacks.


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