final, final word on weird checkbox behavior

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Mar 31 15:35:54 CST 2005

>> It's the same in Rev... I do this all the time: click at loc of btn "OK" to
>> get it to highlight as well as get a mouseUp.
> If I may clarify --
> In Rev, if a script sends a mouseUp to a checkbox, the hilite of the
> checkbox is unaffected? Is that what you mean to say?

Yes, that's exactly what I mean to say. The reason is that all you're doing
in that instance is sending a message; the actual "click" isn't being

> Is this a feature? If so, what's the advantage?

I don't know if I'd look at it as a feature... it's just the way things go.
Messages are just messages; they don't set properties.

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