Printing is driving me crazy

graham samuel graham.samuel at
Thu Mar 31 14:05:14 EST 2005

I'm developing some simple printing routines using RR 2.5.1 and OSX 
10.3.8. I have a little Epson inkjet printer that works very happily 
with all my purchased apps such as word processors, graphic programs 
etc. But with Rev I'm having a bad time.

1. I arranged for the initialisation routine in my app to read the 
paper size and the margins and to make my stack the same size as the 
printPaperSize and my print area the same size as the page minus the 
margins. I then attempted to construct something to print. The card to 
be printed looks perfectly OK, but the printer doubles the left margin 
from the absurdly large 72 points (more later) to a completely daft 144 
points - at least it looks that way. This shows up even on the OSX 
preview, and even when I propose to print on a different printer, which 
makes me think it must be me, except for the screen appearance and 
dimensions of the card to be printed, which look OK. For example, the 
left hand edge of the field to be printed is definitely 72 pixels from 
the edge of the card, and the card is definitely 594 pixels wide, which 
corresponds to the width of an A4 page. I just can't guess what I'm 
doing wrong.

2. I find that if I  run a 'Page Setup' routine by calling 'answer 
printer', I can alter the printPaperSize, even switching from portrait 
to landscape; but even if I change the margins in the OS dialog (there 
is a trick - Custom Paper Size - for doing this), they don't change 
within the RunRev environment. I suppose that I could introduce a 
dialog of my own to change the margins, but then I wouldn't know how 
near the edge I could take them (I've Bugzilla'd this one). How do 
other people cope with this?

TIA for any help at all. Deadlines loom and I'm in difficulty here. 
Maybe the PC version will work better...


Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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