More Image problems

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Mar 31 01:51:41 EST 2005

Hum... Working with images is not innocent work!

I would like to export an image. Simple...

But image names do not always have the .gif or .png or .jpg in their names. 

If you use the command line export img id x to file thisfile you get
No compiler error, no result error and no file either!

so I have to say that the file is one format or another...
Plus the gif license key problem on top... Isn't that patent dead already?
Or do you still need a license?

Is there a command i can't find that tells you the imageformat of an

Has anyone got some references regarding the imagedata format to find out
how to parse it best?

Anyone interested in a hex viewer addon for the revVariableWatcher? ;))

Thanks in advance

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