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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Wed Mar 30 14:03:34 CST 2005

--- Varen Swaab <public at> wrote:
> Hi everyone. I'm having one of those insane
> programming moments for 
> which I really need some help and advice.
> Here is my problem as clearly stated as I can do it:
> I have this piece of code, it works perfectly fine
> on a prototype stack 
> which I'm using to build my final application.
> on goNextThing
>    lock screen
>    goThing sThing+1
>    unlock screen with visual effect dissolve
> end goNextThing
> Yet, when I try to apply this code to my new stack
> with the code "with 
> visual effect dissolve" I get a parse error and
> message "Unquoted 
> Literal"
> This code works but with no visual effect:
> on goNextThing
>    lock screen
>    goThing sThing+1
>    unlock screen
> end goNextThing
> I was thinking that i'm getting this "Unquoted
> Literal" error because 
> the syntax somewhere else on that script is broken
> but I went through 
> the code character by character and there isn't any
> broken code at all.
> I should note that on my previous post about this
> problem I stated the 
> target stack was different from the stack the code
> is in, I changed 
> that and it's all happening in one stack now. The
> action works 
> perfectly until I add the line "with visual effect
> dissolve".
> Can anyone offer some insight?
> Thanks
> Var

Hi Var,

Is it possible that the "Variable checking" option is
turned on in the script editor ? If so, try putting
the name of the visual effect in quotes, as in :
  unlock screen with visual effect "dissolve"

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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