Searchdocs XML 2.3 - final

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Wed Mar 30 14:05:39 EST 2005

The final version 2.3 of "SearchDocs XML" has been uploaded today to 

2.3 has been thoroughly tested and seems to be satisfactorily stable on 
Windows and MacOS X. Unless serious problems should come up - you never 
know - there will be no further changes until the next version of 
Revolution beyond 2.5.1 is released.


- Different approach to link checking when navigating from the "found" 
lines field, especially after a "combined search" in folders 
"Dictionary", "Faq", and "Topics" to find the relevant folder.

- Improved text extraction from the XML files: Better layout and shorter 
"found" lines

- An "update" button is now accessible in the Readme field. This button 
can update the "pure-text" versions of the Help files (that are stored 
as arrays in the search stack to increase the search speed) to offer the 
option to adapt stack "SearchDocs" to possibly improved XML files or to 
work with future versions of Revolution, provided the basic XML 
structures of the Help files will remain the same as now.

- The results of the last search will be preserved when the stack closes.-

Occasionally, links in the "See also" section of the fully displayed 
articles will not work. This is caused by a number of "loose ends" in 
the Rev Help files, namely by incomplete or wrong cross-references 
between files in the "<docRef src=" parts of the XML files that define 
the linktexts.

I have already mentioned such deficient cross-references in earlier 
posts, which also cannot work in the Rev Documentation itself.

A few examples:

The corresponding name of the XML file however has been shortened - like 
so many others in the Faq folder - to "te_a_standalone_application.xml".

- "reference/operator_precedence_referen .rev", a link in "Topics", has 
one space too many before ".rev"

- a typo in a file name: "scripts_and_thier_structure.xml"

- a folder "about" that does not exist: 

--Wilhelm Sanke

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