Unquoted Literal Problem

Varen Swaab public at veggio.com
Wed Mar 30 12:18:01 EST 2005

Hi all

I'm having a problem with the following code. I'm running a handler on 
Stack A which draws text in Stack B and I'm trying to draw that text 
with a visual effect. Here is the problem:

This works >>>>>>

on drawNextThing
   lock screen
   doThisNow sNext+1
   unlock screen
end drawNextThing

This doesn't work (with error Unquoted Literal)>>>>

on goNextThabit
   lock screen of card "main_card" of stack "player_main"
   goThabit sThabit+1
   unlock screen of card "main_card" of stack "player_main" with visual 
effect dissolve
end goNextThabit

When I run the code w/out the visual effect it all works fine, when I 
try to add the code just above, it gives me an error that I have an 
unquoted literal. I checked, double-checked all my syntax everywhere 
else in the script and it all seems fine. I can run this code (with 
dissolve effect) in another stack just fine. Any ideas?



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