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On 3/29/05 5:24 PM, Dwayne Rothe wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am using a field for with 3 columns for user input, When a user inputs text into col1 he/she is required to use the TAB button on the keyboard to go to the next column. 
> How do I stop the tab at column 3? 
> I would like to be able to force the user to go to the next row(line) when they push TAB in column3!
> Any Ideas please ;?)

Some variation of this may do it:

on tabKey -- in the field script
  put word 2 of the selectedline into tLineNum
  set the itemDel to tab
  if the number of items in line tLineNum of me = 3
  then select after item 1 of line tLineNum + 1 of me
  else pass tabKey -- let Rev handle it
end tabKey

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