Black border in Lists

MisterX b.xavier at
Tue Mar 29 13:15:21 EST 2005


Confirmed on Win2K too! 

Even if I create a new field. 

But I dont have it in all my other stacks but found the darn thing even in
screenshots! So it's a settings problem with the revtoolbar or the
templates. I'll try to find the bug later with the controlsN2O (and a new
idea - controls feature comparisons - possible thanks to new scripts in the
works from the HotKeyN2O plugin! ;)

OK, the solution to this problem is the traversalon property... 

Turn it off and the bar diseapears...


But wait, that's not all!

That's the kick in the back of the head that I needed!!! 3 months searching!
And so simple it is!

NO MORE LAME TEMPLATES Announcement comming soon!!!
Thanks Derek!

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