[noob again]objects and properties and messages

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Mar 28 01:34:55 CST 2005

Mikey wrote:
> I believe devolution only lists properties that are editable, right? 
> What about read-only properties?

As I'd written, it returns all properties which are returned in "the 
properties", as in:

    get the properties of button 1

This includes read-only properties like ID.

If you find any properties not returned by that function submit a 
Bugzilla report and when they fix it in the engine it'll automatically 
work in 4W Props too.

> Anyboty have any suggestions on how to figure out what messages a
> particular class of object receives?  There are several types of
> buttons, but some receive different messages from others.

The only difference I'm away of with buttons is for those which are used 
as menus.

I've been wanting to build a reference tool for that too -- it seems a 
natural compliment to 4W Props.  If we had a built-in function I'd have 
it done by now, but alas tools that take more time away from client work 
than they save me have a way of falling toward the bottom of the 
priority list here... ;)

This type of essential reference sounds like a good job for RunRev. 
I'll happily build it for them if they're up for a contractor....

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