using MCISendString to record

Nicolas Cueto nicolas_cueto at
Sun Mar 27 09:40:35 EST 2005

Further on my problem with "record sound" on Windows 98SE and 2k (i.e., it
causes a delay/system-freeze of over 30 seconds).

Delving deeper into the archives, mention was made of "MCISendString" as a
possible solution to a problem very similar to mine. (Also mentioned was the
possibility that system memory was the culprit, which I confirmed as not so
in my own case.) Fortunately, I found some sample stacks that used this
Windows-only command and got a taste of how it works. However, I could not
find a stack that used MCISendString for recording, and the MCI
documentation is overwhelming.

So, I was hoping someone would care to explain how to use MCISendString for
doing the following "record sound" steps:

1) start recording
2) stop the recording
3) name the file that contains that recording

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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