Own fontsuite with standalone ?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Fri Mar 25 18:46:06 EST 2005

On 3/25/05 4:20 PM, "Jerry Balzano" <gjbalzano at popmail.ucsd.edu> wrote:

> I wondered if this issue ever got resolved, and if so, how.  Given Ken
> Ray's message below and a little magical (wishful) thinking, I simply
> tried typing
> ext_loadFont "/Users/jerry/Desktop/CLASSIC_.TTF"
> and I got a "can't find handler" error message.  Is that all there is
> to be done? i.e. is that all one needed to do to "test these and see if
> they still work"?

Yes, you need to get a copy of the Externals collection which is an external
file called "ext.dll". This used to be downloadable at the RunRev site, but
I get a 404 now. Perhaps you'll have to send an email to Heather at
runrev.com and see if it's still available for download.

Once you have it, set "the externals" of your stack to the location of the
DLL file, save and reopen your stack, and then try ext_loadFont again.

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