Columns and Internal Option Menus

Michael Mandaville transcom at
Thu Mar 24 11:24:31 EST 2005

1.  COLUMNS:   I have three elements - Primary, Secondary and Task.   I
already got it to sort on the Primary.  I can then set up a button for the
Secondary aswell. How do I send them items to a nice even scrolling field of
three columns?  In that way, I suppose, I can sort on each column or set up
a sort order. 

2.  INTERNAL BUTTON:  Once a person makes a choice in the Primary field
(which is to establish Priorities using "A","B" and "C")  and it is sent to
a list, I've seen where these Lists have the choice listed, but also access
to an option Menu within the List.    So that if a priority changes, they
can go into this List, hilite the Primary choice and change the ABC to
whatever they want.  In effect, it's an Option Menu within the List.

Thanks for everything.


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