Multiple Line SQL for MySQL?

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No clue for MySQL, but I can tell you that it definitely supports 
multi-line SQL commands with PostgreSQL, while the docs tell you that 
it may not support them for all database types.  MySQL may not support 
this (my understanding is that the database server will need to have 
support for it, as Rev itself does not parse the statements -- can 
anyone confirm?)

On Mar 23, 2005, at 6:45 AM, Peter Reid wrote:

> Does anyone know whether Rev supports multiple-line SQL command 
> execution with MySQL?
> I have a Rev 2.5.1 project that is trying to create and populate a new 
> database based on an existing template database.  I have used 
> phpMyAdmin to dump a SQL script to a text file from a template 
> database containing the SQL commands to construct all the tables and 
> data I require.  However, I can't find a way of sending this script to 
> MySQL using Rev? (I can read the file into a text container, but I 
> can't feed this to the MySQL server using the revDB support commands 
> and functions).
> If I use revExecuteSQL command (or equivalent function revdb_execute), 
> I can send a single SQL command only.  If I try to use this inside a 
> "repeat for each..." loop to work through a text object that contains 
> multiple commands, then I hit a problem with any commands that have 
> been laid out across several physical lines (as you get from 
> phpMyAdmin dumps!).
> I really don't want to have to parse the SQL dump statements myself 
> and convert each long multi-line command into a long single-line 
> command just so I can use revExecuteSQL!  Nor do I want to use a 
> shell() command as this is a client-server application with the code 
> running on a client and the MySQL server running on a server on the 
> same local network.
> Any suggestions please?!
> Peter
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