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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Mar 22 18:05:26 EST 2005

Keith Hutchison wrote:
> I prefer REALBasic do to it's ability to
> subclass. Others I work with prefer RunRev. Some even prefer Filemaker.
> Keith Hutchison
> REALbasic - Java
> http://realopen.org

And yet here you are.

Frank asks:
> Does anyone find this information useful?

Entertaining, perhaps.

I've seen a lot of "VS" threads in many venues over my 20 years of 
participation in online communities, and during that time I can't recall 
a single opinion having been changed as a result of such discourse.

Whether politics, macroeconomic theory, or software tools, this pattern 
generally holds up.

Recently I've been reading a book titled "A Theory of Everything" which 
to some degree verifies this phenomenon across a wide variety of 
cultures, and offers explanations of why such things are as they are.

But they as they are just the same, which leads me to answer your 
question like this:

   Aside from analysis by internal stakeholders in more candid
   and therefore less public venues, such comparisons in public
   venues are of greatest value to the competing company able
   to use competitor resources like discussion lists for other
   products to carry its messages.

In this regard I must tip my hat to RB and say "well done." ;)
When their VPs begin using customary siglines to identify themselves 
with confidence and candor they may perhaps become a noble competitor to 
RunRev (still with us, boatman?)

In the meantime I'm down in New Zealand happily coding a manufacturing 
analysis tool in Transcript as part of a multi-year project for which 
all lower-level languages were explicitely rejected.

So it this useful to me?

I'll let you know if I ever have a slowdown in requests for Transcript 


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