repeating a string

Mikey mikeythek at
Tue Mar 22 12:18:28 EST 2005

> A scary example of that ......
> I bet most Rev programmers would agree that
>     put myVar+3 into myVar
> and
>    add 3 to myVar
> mean the same thing (assuming myVar is an ordinary local variable).
> But if myVar is an implicit, not yet initialized, variable, then the
> latter works ok, resulting in myVar containing 3; whereas
>    put myVar + 3 into myVar
> results in an execution error.

Of course it does.  RR and its cousins have a different paradigm for
variables, which is part of the reason why BA referred to them as
"containers" in the original HC, which is appropriate on so many
levels.  It's also why I decided to start the Tao of RunRev project. 
I'll probably make an announcement on this and ask for posts shortly. 
Oh hell, I'll just start a new thread and do it now.

> Another good reason for always declaring variables, and always quoting
> strings used as strings.
I tend to disagree.  This is similar to the argument that
traditionalists in more conventional 3GL and 4GL's make for typing all
variables, even if the compiler will do it for you.  I couldn't
disagree more.  If you embrace the Tao then this is unnecessary. 
Remember, this is a different paradigm.
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