Can a Revolution standalone application save data?

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Mar 20 02:59:38 EST 2005

On 3/19/05 7:17 PM, "Mark Swindell" <mdswindell at> wrote:

> You can save information in a standalone to a substack of the
> standalone, just not to the mainstack.  For example, you could make
> make your opening splash screen  your main stack, and have any number
> of substacks affiliated with that main stack.  This is how you save
> information without writing it to the mainstack, which can't be done,
> you're right.

Uh, Mark, I don't think that's true. You can save data in other stack files
that are on disk, but if the substack is part of the standalone, I don't
think you can save the data because this would change the standalone and
that's a no-no.

Steve, I would recommend either saving your data to another stack that
exists as a file on disk, or save the data to a text file or database. This
way it becomes portable. Either way, you won't have to mess with the stack
structure, just the code that reads/writes data.


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