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Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri Mar 18 18:52:38 EST 2005

Dar Scott wrote:

> Perhaps, that would not be vulnerable to _temporarily_ turning back 
> the system clock.  It might be reasonable to check for dates lots of 
> places and then assume that the current real date is the latest of 
> those or later.  One can't prove that a demo is valid, but it the 
> assumption holds then one can prove that it has expired.
If you do that on my system, you might well find it's 2024 - I have a 
bunch of files copied from a digital camera which hadn't had the 
date/time set up before using it, and the "Date Modified" was copied 
over, as well as the "Date picture taken".  (And don't ask me why Sony 
made the camera default to 2024 :-).

If a demo program told me it had expired as soon I installed it, I doubt 
if I'd go much further with testing it.

Dates on files are just not that reliable .....

Alex Tweedly

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