field information bails out on card 2

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You could make tData a global variable instead of a local variable

global gData
on openCard
put item 5 of line 1 of gData into field "L1"
-- whatever else
end openCard

You will also need to declare the global in the script where you put the 
data into it.

If you are going to put from a fld on one card to a fld on another card:

put fld "L1" of cd 1 into fld "L1"

> Does "into" replace the current data and "after" adds data?
Yes, that's right.

If fld "L1" is on a lot of cards, is part of a group with background 
behaviour (in the group's property inspector) set to true (you can have just 
one control in a group) and you want to display exactly the same data in the 
fld on each card, you can check   "share text" on the flds property 
inspector. Then whatever is put into one fld shows in all of them.(see 
sharedText property in the Dictionary)

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>   Dear Rev Programmers,
> I have the following line in a on openCard line. it places the version 
> number on card 1 ok, no problem.
>   --put item 5 of line 1 of tData into field "L1"
> For card 2 I placed the above line in on openCard but the version does not 
> come up. I also trues to use different versions of the below line. Still 
> no go.
> put field L1 into field "L1"
> put field "L1" into field "L1"
> put L1 into field "L1"
> put "L1" into field "L1"
> Both cards have a field L1
> How do I get the field1 of card 2 to show up?
> Also I have seen the term:
> into field
> and
> after field
> Does "into" replace the current data and "after" adds data?
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