Printing Mailing labels in Revolution

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Wed Mar 16 18:11:26 EST 2005

I usually get Rev to export or copy formatted data to another program 
for printing mailing labels, but there is no reason why it can't do it 

Make a printing stack that is the size of the print area on your 
printer (use printPaperSize to find the total paper size in pixels, 
then subtract the paperMargins).
Layout fields to fit on each label and group them in a background group 
so they appear on all new cards
Fill each field with the text, creating new cards as required and 
setting the fonts so that it all fits.
Print and see what happens :-)

When printing labels, I always print one sheet on scrap paper first and 
test it by holding it up to the light with a sheet of labels, to see if 
I've got the margins and alignment correct - this saves a lot of wasted 
labels :-)


On 16/03/2005, at 7:24 PM, Don Pederson wrote:

> I would appreciate any info that is available on scripting the 
> printing of mailing lables.
> Thanks,
> Don

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