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Ken Norris pixelbird at
Tue Mar 15 13:28:19 EST 2005

Hi John,

> Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 00:15:06 -0600
> From: "John Smiley" <jsmiley at>
> Subject: true newbie
> I am a true newbie, not just to revolution, but to programming. I was  
> looking into having a somewhat simple ( I think ) software application  
> developed and thought maybe instead I should take the time to learn  
> how to do it myself. Especially since I have more time than money and  
> enjoy learning how to do things.

Who is the application(s) going to be for? That might help in deciding  
the right type of license.
> I have three questions:
> 1. Having absolutley no programming knowledge at all, other than  
> learning Revolution, do I need to learn other things like Visual  
> Basic, etc.

No, that wouldn't be helpful IMO. VB is good, but in fact, might  
frustrate you as a beginner, and the IDE format is quite different.

> 2. Is there a book that lays out the basic or fundmentals?

Good question. What happened to the Rev printed manuals? Anyway, I  
still use "HyperTalk 2.2, The Book" (very worn) which can still be had  
new for $10 or so I think. Ask Jeanne DeVoto here (she was one of the  
co-authors) <or go to the iHug site  

HyperCard is really the father of xCard authoring systems, many here  
were once HC'ers. Having said that, you should definitely consider the  
free video tutorials:


Dan Shafer's eBook "Software at the Speed of Thought - Vol. 1" which  
you can purchase separately (watch linewraps):

-- and the online ezine <>, especially this  

Otherwise explore the Useful Sites links:


While at the Embassy site, since you are a beginner and I want you to  
get off on the right foot, I especially want you to see this article as  
I believe it to be one of the most important things a new scripter (or  
_any_ scripter) should read:


> 3. Would someone like to help tutor me?

Well, you have a whole list of experienced users here. Just remember,  
when you become one of these experts (shortly down the road ;-)), to  
pay back your experience by contributing in the same way.

> For the the third question, I am looking for someone to help guide me  
> through developing the application I have in mind.

Well, that would actually be the 4th question ;-) , but what do you  
have in mind?

All the best,
Ken N.

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