Problems placed grouped groups

Dan Shafer revdan at
Mon Mar 14 14:27:19 EST 2005

Well, here's what I can report. Perhaps it'll help you track down the 

On OS X 10.3.8 with Rev 2.5.1:

When I create the main group baseControls and then break out some of 
its buttons as a separate, nested group whose backgroundbehavior is 
turned on (while that of the baseControls is not), creating a new card 
does not automatically place the nested group. I'd expect it would 
since its backgroundBehavior is set to true. But an attempt to place 
that nested group explicitly in the message box per your instructions 
does not place this group. Rather, it gives an error about Rev being 
unable to find the background.

I can hide and show and do other things to the nested group on the one 
card where it is created/located, but cannot, apparently, place it on 
another card.

So I presume you're using a different platform or version since you're 
seeing different behavior.


On Mar 13, 2005, at 2:54 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> scenario: create group-background with 10 fields and  navigation 
> btns... standard
> first  prev   next   last and some fields for a "dbase" record...
> Name this big group "baseControls"
> edit group baseControls... select just these four navigation buttons, 
> group them, and name the group "navButtons"   making a group that is 
> nested inside the main group. Background behavior of the new, small, 
> 4btn group is checked on.
> now, create a new card with no group placed on it at all, completely 
> blank. go to msg, run:
> "place group "navButtons" onto this card"
> the four nav buttons appear as expected.
> Save, close stack, quit Rev, re-open.. now the "navButton" group does 
> not appear on the newly created card... am I doing something wrong?
> Sivakatirswami
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