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Actually, most of this depends on the underlying API used for printing, 
and on the type of printer involved.  The Win32 API, for example, uses 
a virtual resolution equal to the perceived printer resolution; in 
other words, a 300 DPI printer uses 300 pixels per inch when printing 
normally from the Win32 API.  Mac OS X, OTOH, uses a graphics engine 
based on PDF, so the imaging standards are much more flexible, and 
quite a bit more independent of the printer resolution.

As for all the inches/dpi conversion stuff, when printing from Rev, 
I've just been using the Rev notation:

print <card> from <topLeft> to <rightBottom> into <pageRect>

This means that I just assume the width of the card to equal the width 
of the paper, then use Rev's tools to automatically scale everything to 
the right size, regardless of the printer resolution.

Look at the following entries in the docs for some clues:

open printing command
print command
printPaperSize property

On Mar 11, 2005, at 10:38 AM, <kevin at> wrote:

> Len,
> I'm a real newbee to programming but work in digital imaging and offer 
> the
> following which won't fully answer your question but will hopefully 
> clear a
> couple of the clouds...
> 1.Printerdrivers report resolution changes in DPI settings. This is
> tecnically correct -dot per inch
> 2.Images report resolution as DPI wich is incorrect - it should really 
> be
> PPI (pixels per inch)
> 3.There is not nececarily a mathematical link between PPI and DPI to 
> govern
> all printers as each printer driver will use different screens or 
> dither
> patterns to achive the dot image, and may not print at 100% 4.Selecting
> different printing resolutions in the printer driver will  keep the 
> print
> size the same as this instruction is interpreted by most drivers as 
> "slow
> down the printer and use finer dots, more closely spaced" - blame the
> marketing men for that one! At least that means that trial and error 
> will
> not be upset by a change in printer "resolution"
> Kevin S
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