StripeList - was Alternating stripes in fields

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 9 15:45:54 EST 2005

Scott Rossi wrote:
>>So StripesList.rev is a cool 5 minute hack template to demo how to make
>>stripes scroll in all simplicity!
> As other folks have pointed out, it is indeed possible to script a solution,
> but the consistent problem is that the text lines can often be seen moving
> slightly out of sync with the stripes.  An alternate workaround is to use a
> scrolling group which includes a field and a stripe image, which should
> prevent any latency while scrolling, but it would be much preferable to have
> an engine-level solution for fields.

Agreed, but the nice thing about X's solution is that it's the simplest 
I've seen yet -- just one extra object!

It uses a second field below the top one, with the hilitedLines set to 
all even numbered lines.  You can change the hiliteColor to whatever you 
want, and by being just one extra object it greatly reduces the "scroll 
synch" issue you'll find more noticeable with groups.

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