Record sound problem on Windows

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Thu Mar 3 23:38:05 EST 2005

Our best practices approach is to create a separate disk
partition for the swap (like linux). This avoid fragmentation 
big time.

However, keep a 32mb swap on the C drive so you can dump if there 
is a crash. 2 swaps are better than 1 also...

We usually size it 100% to 200%... Depends how much you need...
More is not always better... 


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> Here's how to change the page file size on WinXP:
> Open up Control Panel, open "System"
> Click the "Advanced" tab. (I always mess with these settings 
> :) Click on Settings under "Performance"
> Click the "Advanced" tab (Wow, advanced settings of the 
> advanced settings...) Click "Change" under Virtual Memory
> Note - you don't want to make this too low, it'll mess things 
> up. Otherwise you're fine.
> -Ben
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