Strange saving behavior

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Jun 30 10:14:31 EDT 2005


I tested it again... And it's really funny but i've pinned it down to the
save function.

Here's the script

on mouseUp

  put the windows into x
  repeat for each line l in x
    if "rev" is char 1 to 3 of l or l is "message box"
     then next repeat
    put "Saving stack" && l & tab & the long time & CR before fld
     compact stack l
    save stack l
   -- or 
   -- get the long name of stack l
   --  compact it
   -- save it
  end repeat

end mouseUp

And each time, not all stacks but the palette stacks in the least are
renamed as all lower case. Maybe it's just the palettes but not all palettes
were saved as lc... I just dont see the logic - however i did try saving as
the long stack name or just the stack name (in all cases, this one is
normally spelled).

In the least, im sure that this is the script since i did just test this one
on saving and seeing the result.

I can't enter this in a bugzilla since it's so shaky to reproduce but i will
later when i get the right stuff. This issue is seriously annoying since i
need to check AND rename all my files affected before uploading them to FTP
which is case sensitive. 

Once a file was opened an renamed on a save, no matter what you do it will
resave lower case.

Thanks for any confirmations ;) This issue is on Windows 2000 only as far as
i know, i'll test it later on win2003...

Extra note: most of my stacks are decorationless... This already poses some
problems for some "stack" object menus in rev (bugz'd) or the w32 taskbar
but are there other issues with this?


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> Hi Xavier,
> I've just tested this on WinXP (on NTFS) by:
>   1) creating a new stack
>   2) setting it's filename property to 'FooBar.rev'
>   3) saving the stack using 'save stack'
> This results in a stack saved to disk with the filename 
> 'FooBar.rev' in the defaultFolder.
> Furthermore just to rule out IDE oddities: using the IDE 
> retains the case of the filename - 'Save As...' and then 
> renaming to Foobar.rev results in the stack having an 
> appropriate filename (i.e. Foobar.rev) as expected.
> Therefore I conclude that there must be something else going 
> on in your case and this is not necessarily Revolution related.
> A couple of things to check are:
>   - the type of filesystem you are saving to (some FS's will 
> normalise filenames to *their* choice)
>   - the filename property of the stack you are saving is 
> mixed-case before doing 'save stack'
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark Waddingham
> Chief Technical Officer.
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> Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2005 10:29 AM
> Subject: Strange saving behavior
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Another day, another issue
> >
> > On windows, when i use the command:
> >
> > save stack thisstack
> >
> > The "filename" in windows is put to lowercase... Is there a 
> way to prevent
> > this? Because of my case sensitive ftp, the way i like how 
> i case the 
> > names,
> > i dont want this!!!! Sure doesn't look normal. How are linux users 
> > affected
> > i wonder?
> >
> > Can anyone from rev explain maybe?
> >
> > I want to file a CRITICAL on this! ;)
> >
> > cheers
> > Xavier
> >
> >
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